I'm IceGT. This is where I host my memes

What's hosted here?

I mainly just do database and other web service hosting for myself and my friends.

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What I do

I have a strong aviation background with a Private Pilot License and Instrument Rating ASEL, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. I'm currently working for a nonprofit research organization and government contractor in the Northern VA/DC Metro region, as a software developer in their analytics and intelligence mission areas. I like it a lot.

Languages and systems I actually use include Python, Postgres, C, JavaScript, MacOS and Debian Linux.

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I'm usually online.

IceGT // STEAM_0:1:33609208

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Other things

Lexon Servers - est. April, 2017

Lexon hosts the best Garry's Mod Train Build servers. We're currently the fourth-largest Garry's Mod trainbuild community and growing really, really fast. Oh, and Thomas shit is banned.

I self-host all Lexon servers on Linux boxes and do all of the coding work. We currently have servers on both coasts of the US, Canada, and Europe.

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The watch collection

Collecting watches is like binge drinking at the bar - you start throwing money away really fast, but eventually you start feeling really good and can't stop. It's also probably a lot better for your liver.

I've hit off most of the items on my want list including the Omega Speedmaster and Seamaster, Citizen Eco-Drive, Vostok Amfibia, and Seiko King Quartz. I also have a few others.

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