Hi. how r u

Hi! My name's IceGT_, but most people just call me Ice. I'm a 21-year-old programmer from Danville, Virginia. By day, I work for an unnamed government contractor (I was originally slated to fly for an airline), but by night, I sit around and code whatever I feel like coding.

Skills & Abilities

Some of my stronger skills include:

I've also dabbled in:

Projects and stuff

IGWB - Ice's Gmod Workshop Browser (WIP)

Browse the Garry's Mod workshop without dupes, saves, demos, or server content. Also, you can turn content filters, such as MLP, FNAF, and Star Wars, on and off to filter out specific kinds of niche and/or fan content. New content is discovered every 15 minutes.

Ice's Tools

A bundle of tools and utilities for Garry's Mod sandbox servers that make doing certain things easier - things like converting props to E2 holos, roping between two entities' mass centers with modifiable offsets, and modifying parented props without unparenting them.

Lexon Servers

A new Garry's Mod server conglomerate. Currently, there's a train build/sandbox, but I'm looking to possibly expand.

Helios (WIP)

An administration mod for Garry's Mod servers. Allows for arbitrary flag assignment, easy file editing, and easy module creation.